WSIB/NEER Cost Recoverywsib

Most companies are paying too much in WSIB costs as they simply don’t have the internal expertise to manage claims effectively or existing staff are overburdened. PeopleRight handles the necessary volume to maintain expertise in this ever changing area. We offer very cost effective solutions; from managing all aspects of your claims/Return to Work tasks, to being at the end of the phone with expert advice, to conducting a historical review to recover costs. We have the experience of implementing best practices in many organizations and where necessary, can access the best, most cost effective resources such as Independent Medical Assessments, Certified Alternate Dispute Resolution specialists, Ergonomists, etc.

• Claims Investigation

• Claims Management from initial reporting to return to full duties

• Representation to the WSIB

• Projection of claims/NEER costs at the Organization or Claim level, presentation of options within the WSI Act and associated cost benefit analyses

Ministry of Labour/Due Diligence

When the worst happens and charges are laid against your company, corporate and legal minds turn to a defence of due diligence, meaning you did all the rights things to prevent the accident or violation of the statutes. Think for a moment about a serious violation or accident that could happen at your workplace. Maybe a sales rep is killed while driving to a customer site. Now think about every possible thing you could have done to prevent that accident: defensive driver training, safe driving procedures, regular training on the procedures, testing to ensure drivers know the provisions of your procedures, winter tires, preventative maintenance for vehicles, taking swift and decisive action when rules are violated, etc. Are you doing everything reasonable to control the risks in your workplace? Do you have the records to prove it? All your prevention efforts lose value if you don’t have good documentation.