Workplace Investigations (Human Rights, Workplace Harassment & Violence)

Employers must provide a work environment that is free from harassment, violence and discrimination. It’s the law, whether the Human Rights Act or the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and as a conscientious employer, you want to provide employees with a safe and secure workplace.  Underwriters Alliance is committed to assisting employers to provide a respectful workplace free from objectionable behaviour.

Situations involving harassment, violence or discrimination must be dealt with professionally and expeditiously to avoid costly litigation and serious harm to your reputation.

You can count on Underwriters Alliance:

• To provide competent and discreet workplace investigations through competent review of all available evidence, including interviewing of parties and witnesses, reviewing impact across legislation (Human Rights, OH&S or common law), collective agreements or internal policies, supported through written reports with recommendations,

• To provide assistance in developing harassment and violence policies and programs. Ensure you have effective internal human resources policies, including meeting the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, the Human Rights Act or other legislative or collective agreement requirements,

• To conduct risk assessments and workplace audits. The proactive measures of risk assessment and/or audit will assist you in avoiding costly litigation and loss of service or productivity,

• To providing training to supervisors and employees. Effective training, based on adult learning principles and use of technology ensure your organizational leadership has the confidence to deal with matters of discipline, objectionable behaviour and legislative requirements,

• To provide effective mediation services based on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Model.