WSIB/Labour Relations

​Occupational Health & Safety/WSIB

• Attendance Support
• Employee/Labour Relations
• Harassment & Violence
• Occupational Health & Safety
• Pay Equity
• Workplace Investigations (Human Rights, Workplace Harassment & Violence)

Are Health & Safety or WSIB demands distracting you from your core business?

Do you know exactly what you need to do to get accidents and claims under control?

Everyone has limited resources. Do you know which health and safety activities would deliver the most value for your organization?

We personally manage every project. You get the benefit of a proven professional without the obligations of an employment relationship. You define and control the costs – we deliver the savings. Our mission is to partner with you to ensure your program gets results and is cost effective. All services include:

1.     Health & Safety Services Program Development

2.     WSIB/NEER Cost Recovery

3.     Ministry of Labour/Due Diligence