Long Term Care Solutions

Is Your Organization Challenged with:long term

• Eroding Net Operating Income
• Nursing and Personal Care Envelope Over/under spending
• Programs & Support Services Envelope Over/under spending
• Escalating Food Costs
• Increased Dietary and Environmental Services labour and expenses
• Absenteeism
• Increased Benefit Costs
• WSIB/Neer Penalties

  • Human Resource Development/Succession Planning/Optimal Staffing Plans
  • Industry Best Practice Strategies
  • Operational and Capital Budget Development
  • Monthly Financial Reporting /Accountability Systems
  • Operational Reviews
  • Benchmarking / Performance Targets
  • Leadership Development
  • Culture Change
  • Proposal Writing
  • Redevelopment Strategies

Stephen Picott offers a wealth of knowledge:

Times are more challenging than ever in the Seniors’ Care and Service sector.
In Ontario, MOHLTC and RHRA legislation initiatives demand that leadership teams work to demonstrate their focus on proven care and quality outcomes, while erosion of funding has been evident, presenting challenges of managing our Human Resources.
What may not be given enough focus during this time of adjustment is the business of our business; balancing our funding envelopes, making money through efficiency in the accommodation envelope and creating new revenue streams to re-invest in our homes.
Ensuring successful, efficient and profitable organizations, through strong leadership, while maintaining our best practices with continued excellence in care and services will sustain your organization into the future

Stephen Picott, former Senior Vice President, Long Term Care, Chartwell Seniors Housing and Chief Operating Officer at Community Lifecare, brings common sense and unparalleled industry expertise and depth in assisting homes to achieve strong Envelope and Human Resources Management while building the leadership team’s skills to achieve business, care and services success.