Linking Performance & Culture

Taking your organization to the next level of growth, development plus seeking out new opportunities requires focus, determination and planning. For long term survival and sustainability, increasing performance is vital to having a thriving competitive and growing enterprise. Having the right culture and environment is crucial to having employees who are engaged and productive.

Our specialists will take you through a Talent Management process and build out a thorough people plan and organizational model to ensure your business is in step with business conditions and prepared for growth by having a tomorrow ready strategy today. We will listen carefully, analyze and produce an effective plan ready for roll-out.

We offer a focused seven-point program which is action driven:

1.  We will assess your work force to gauge alignment with business strategy using an online organizational culture survey that provides immediate insight into workings, actions and outcomes of both the leadership team and front line staff.

2.  Review business goals to ensure they are harmonized with daily work activity such as customer service, production, sales, goods delivery, output and quality.

3.  Measure the engagement of staff and management through 360 assessment tools to understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and communication gaps.

4.  Assess values, mission and objectives based on business plan and internal culture so they are operating within an integrated performance platform and embraced by staff

5.  Author detailed strategic people plan with clearly articulated deliverable tactics, milestones and outcomes.

6.  Implement a metrics system with a performance dashboard designed for business needs to monitor key performance indicators on a monthly basis.

7.  Train, develop, coach, recruit and onboard for continued success, innovation, creativity and efficiency.

Meeting business goals through employee engagement for greater productivity and performance at all levels.